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French: Historically, the number of immigrants who immigrated to the USA is very small but nowadays, almost 8.7 million French are living in the USA. Its reason is that some Americans and Canadian residents are also called French American and French Canadian.
A security system which is designed to protect our systems from the digital attacks is known as cybersecurity. These cyber attacks can be dangerous in various forms like they can get access to the private information, they can change the important information, they are also threat for the sensitive informatio
A rape which is perpetrated by such person who knows well the victim is known as acquaintance rape. Acquaintance rape is known in different forms in different areas of the world. The most important types of acquaintance rape are date rape, marital rape, gang rape and unacknowledged rape etc. In 2004-2005; United Nations Research Institute gathered data from thirty European countries. After gather
Nowadays, companies are overly selective. Moreover, the job markets are also changed. The companies are trying to find such employees who can provide immediate value to their firm. On the other hand, if a person has a label of an ex-convict, companies consider that he/she can harm their firms and they try to ignore these kinds of employees.
In 2019, companies have devised a new technique to hire
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According to modern research, 80 million Americans people read the blog and 25 million people write logs in one day. Social networking sites like Facebook are most attractive, according to university estimate; 70 million people use Facebook in their free time. Most people use the internet in order to start their business. It is widely accepted that the internet is changing all around the world. A
A debate is an essential form of public discourse. A debate is a formal competition of arguments between two or more people. The debate is also defined at a specific time. In other words, we can say that a proposition is provided between two debating sides. These two debating sides are asked to involve themselves in a formal discussion about
According to McAfee’s Economic Impact of Cyber Crime, cyber crimes are increasing at a very fast rate. The cybercriminals are using new technologies to target the victims. With the introduction of Bitcoin and some other payment transfer methods, these cybercriminals are untraceable. Nowadays, almost 800,000 records are lost on the daily basis due to these cyber crimes.
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